To What Shall I Compare Thee? And How in the Heck Do I?

She made rope out of hope
tightly behind my back
She thought me dreaming;
noose around my neck.

(I tried to play around with the format a little bit and I do believe that the blog is more accessible if I put at least 1 poem at the very beginning of the post. You will find poems throughout this blog post. Let me know what you think feedback would be very much appreciated.)

When was the last time you sat down and told yourself: “You know what? I should write something… or anything for that matter. Let’s just see where this goes”? So you make yourself a cup of coffee, put some headphones on (referencing back to the last blog post about music) and start scribbling away.

I would argue that writing proficiency is like any other skill. One can only improve and find new ideas while challenging oneself. I made an exercise out of this and I tried to push the creative boundaries I set myself within the given time frame. SO I set a time frame of roughly 1 hour and a half and I just went at it. So without further ado I would like to present to you, my dear readers, some poems I have written in one sitting on a morning fueled by coffee and probably inspiration.

The first poem was a “getting started poem”. I took some easy imagery and just looked where the flow would take me.

She made rope out of hope
tightly behind my back
She thought me dreaming;
noose around my neck.

This might not be fully done or explicitly deep but it portrays an emotion and imagery and it made me get in a writing mood. Simple rhyme structure and morbid thematics… what more could one ask for.

Here is an extract from my actual book to show you how chaotic my organization is. My handwriting is kinda terrible but then again I never intended to publish nor show my poetry to anyone… (well that went great, haha.)

The next poem I want to show you is something different. The poem made me think about changing and shifting perspectives. I wouldn’t really be able to tell you why I wrote this specific piece but I do believe that it originated from a story I heard and then I just took it as a premise.

The girl that once loved

She’s an organ donor
without a spine .
He tore out pieces
to wear as pride.

She fills her heart
with swallowed tears
he kept on taking
another year

Wilted and watered
wishing for more
She wishes upon wasting

Furthermore, I had little notes and bits scribbled on the same page as well. I will just put them here for transparency:

I buried the past; called it a new start

and also the nice and edgy note that says :

Hooray Nightmares

Finally, I want to show you my last piece which I intended to finish on this specific morning. I had different parts of the imagery already in my head and I did have some rhymes already written down but I never fully furbished the piece. I had a basic idea/ underlying theme and I wanted to explore it. I played with the idea of “dining with the devil” as sort of self- reflection and self-exploration. The last line should indicate a certain sensation of futilitarianism.

One of the underlying concepts is bound to the German idiom:

“In der Not frisst der Teufel Fliegen”

which I loosely translate into and just morph into a small poetic bit:

“In dire times the devil eats flies

Just like your heart feasts on lies”

(Kinda edgy but then again I thought this was cute and so it stays in here.)

These two concepts made me think about my final piece, which I will present without further comments:

I am kidding I will actually type it out for you since this looks horrible.

Dining with the devil 

coldest place, hottest hell
this where thy kind dwell.
Fueled rage, fueled fear
passing yet another year.

Table set, appetite whet
dining with the treat
Endless cycle, hopeless bet
cups overflowing with regret.

Cries of fear, empty heirs
Daily bread soaked in tears
Fiery chest, smoky head
A white flag blows with heavy breath

but it beat dining alone

Despite the therapeutic values writing might have, it also helps to further refine your skill and play with ideas. I mean you only get good by being bad. And exactly this is what I want to show with this blogpost. The poetry might not be the most exquisite you have encountered nor the most refined metaphors BUT it made me work. So take a pen and write.

(More about this idea in an upcoming blogpost called ‘Trial and Error’. You will enjoy more “unfinished” projects.)

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  1. I like how you started off with your poem first, it allows me to get a sense of what you’re willing to discuss in your article and helps framing it:) I love how you create a great atmosphere in your article and how you motivate people to start writing by presenting useful tips and making the reader realize how easy it can be to start writing!:)

    Liked by 1 person

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