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Hello, my name is Davide Aldo Di Ronco and I did a Master in English at the University of Leiden. Born in Luxembourg and raised by an Italian and a Luxembourger, I am in my late twenties.

I started writing poetry roughly half a decade ago and it has been a constant companion throughout my life. As cliché as it sounds, I preferably write more “classical” poetry if you could classify it as such. I’ve been dabbling with absurdist poetry recently and I m looking forward to developing this interest.

I have a fair share of interest ranging from the classical English Studies interest such as reading and writing but I also really enjoy sports and a whole bunch of other stuff no one cares about such as videogames music and so on.

My goal and aim for this platform is to create a conglomerate of artistic relief from various people that enjoy writing. I hope that I find my writing style that is beyond poetry through the engagement with this blog (or whatever this is supposed to be). It is a ride after all and we will see where this project will take us.


Hi, my name’s Ognyan ‘Flame‘ Darinov. I go by my nickname in most situations. In my mid-twenties, I am currently doing a PhD at the University of Luxembourg which follows my MSc Linguistics at the University of Edibnurgh. My BA English Studies was at the University of Luxembourg (2017-2020). I was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria.

My first recorded attempt at poetry writing was in 2014, during my early highschool career. It was in some ways forced, analogous to board diving – I had to unnaturally push myself to do it. However, as time went on I felt ever more comfortable composing poems as I indeed found them comforting. My work tends to focus on imagery along with rhythm and rhyming. As of late, I have also been exploring multilingualism as an aesthetic tool.

My inspiration and influences span from the videogames I play to the people I meet and music I listen to. It is very probable you will see this reflected in the pieces I produce.

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