Friends and Other Projects

Lëtz Write is happy to promote and support other aspiring writers and initiatives to enrich (non-)anglophone Luxembourgish literature.

Our dear friend and colleague, Cosimo Suglia, is a short-story writer with special interests in Luxembourgish-language literature, culture, history and politics.

Another dear friend and colleague, Nicolas Calmes, winner of the Prix Laurence 2017, often dabbles in both music and literature. Among other projects, have a look at Beyond Me. Nicolas’ previous work on the now defunct New Literary Voices blog inspired the creation of LëtzWrite.

We would also like to mention Black Fountain Press: Luxembourg’s first publishing house for literature in English, as well as the non-profit organisation anglophone writers: Writers Who Talk.

P.S. Flame also has a retired podcast project: Falice: Flame and Alice, A Podcast, which for a hot second also expanded to a YouTube channel. Both are a time capsule of eight episodes about our time at the University of Luxembourg.

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