Music; A Personal Approach.

music boxes
carry sad songs
memories trapped
somewhere dark
somewhere lost

Ahhhh the jolly feeling of sitting at home at 3 in the morning with nothing then your headphones on and tunes blasting in your ear. Whatever the music might be, whether it is an old school classic the likes of Tchaikovsky Waltz or new hip and modern xxx insert your own rapper name. These “terrible” yet catchy Lofi Study music you just can’t get enough of despite hearing them for the 20000th time. You know THESE ones:

They are fine and you shouldn’t limit yourself to any specific genres. The idea behind musical aids is to get in a mindset, a groove, flow or whatever you call it yourself that help you produce or at least engage with a subject.

Music is a constant companion in my artistic endeavors. My preference for “writing-music” consists out of mostly lyricless tunes. (I reckon that my brainpower is not strong enough to fathom the duality of my internal dialogue and the one I find within the lyrics of the song. ) The idea I would like to put forward here is that the immersion into an idea might be a useful point of guidance for me. If I find a rhythm in the way of writing I can focus, and I feel that I might be more creative. I state that I do write quite the tremendous amount of just plane hot garbage but at least I have played with ideas and engaged with the subject. (I will talk about this in either an upcoming series or blog post labeled trial and error. Which will be about trying out new ideas and concepts and the learning experience behind that.)

Quite some artistic endeavors are intertwined in one-way, shape or form with others. This also holds true for the more rhythmic arts such as poetry. I want to share some thoughts regarding musicality and poetry (do not worry I will not bore you to death with rhyme structure or syllable counting. I do believe that Flame and I could do way better justice to the methodology within a separate post. Would you be interested in a methodological dissection of the “rhyme”? Let us know!)

I want to be honest with you to an extent since this blog post should also shed some light on the artistic creation of a poem. I might give you a sneak peak into the development of an artistic idea. So I hung out with some friend today whilst having worked on this blog a bit. I arrived at my place roughly at 11 30 pm and it was raining. SO I just parked my car and sat there for a moment. Just turn off the engine and listen to whatever might be on the radio whilst maybe mindlessly responding to text or other times just doing nothing at all really. Today was one of those just relax for a coupla minutes days. I arrived, sat back, turned the radio up, and this song came on (forget me I couldn’t find an even better version but just pay attention to the delivery of her voice at times)

You might like it or you don’t but that is beside the point here. This specific song made me reminisce about another song and a nice story which inspired me to write something

So here might be a bit too personal reason as to why I wrote that specific piece:

music boxes
carry sad songs
memories trapped
somewhere dark
somewhere lost

It reminded me of giving someone a lift home at roughly 4 in the morning. A person whose company I really enjoyed After passing a really enjoyable time in the city with food and clubbing, we found ourselves trodding home. Imagine rain beaten roads, tired concentration and well whatever mixture of confusion I carried with me. And this person, in a slightly tipsy manner, asked me, shyly, if she could sing me something because she enjoyed practicing it a bit while she is on her own. OF course I said yes!.

So I was driving on these terrible roads, physically tired and beaten by my feet due to me dancing with her all night, half paying attention to the road and half on her singing obviously.(I still value my life to an extend) So here is the song:

And I can wholeheartedly say: It was good! you could tell that someone put effort it but it was very personal as well. It was by no means perfect but I liked it to it’s fullest extent. What really made me like it was there was one high note she hit with such a precision we just looked at it each other for a second straight … Like good god, you just hit that note? Phenomenal we were both positively surprised.

SO without reminiscing too much about the past, I want to actually make a point here looking back at the poem we can deduce some knowledge out of a singular piece of memory.

The poem is pretty dark, doesn’t follow any specific ideas or concepts of poetry. It is free verse which tries to tell you a story. The creation of this poem is a mixture of stories and ideas that came to be rummaging in my head for quite some time. Besides having eidetic qualities, this poem was also influenced by the general literature I was consuming during this time period.

When it comes to artistic expression I tend to throw around the ideas I somehow have in my head. This blog post is all about music and I strongly believe that there can be huge emotional attachment to whatever might help you create. The forms may change, the content may change everything may change for whatever reason. Don’t limit yourself to one concept of expression. You make the image happen not the other way around.

One of the stories which helped constructing this poem you just read and it drew quite some other inspirations from other memories. Throw togheter different ideas and memories you have, try to associate a variety of ideas with a new concept. Basically just have an open approach to your idea and the shape of the poem might help you guide it.

Here as a final note, enjoy my all time favorite song:

Disclaimer no I do not only listen to old music but you would probably murder me if you knew just how bad my taste is.

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