Songs of the sea

I yelled onto the ocean and it screamed back at me.

I cried into the sea whilst it wept back into me.

I ve sung about your beauty, your face, made the mermaids envious of your grace.

I ve kept on building castles carrying your name, yet the tides washed them all away.

 I’ve drowned all my sorrows hoping they wouldn’t stay, yet the waves kept them all at bay.

I’ve grown jealous of the breeze, how it could carry with ease, your laughter across the sea.

I’ve tried catching you like sand, yet you would slip through my hand.

I keep on looking out onto the ocean hoping I would find something else to remember you by.

I want to empty out the sky, take all the stars inside, only for you to shine.

I’ve finally understood the rain, I’ve learned how you can keep on falling for the same.

So now I keep throwing pebbles into the blue

hoping I’ll build a path to you…

Hello there you beautiful bunch.

I ve been without  a phone in a foreign country for a while now and navigating everyday life is actually quite a challenge at times. ( it has been repaired by now… I am in Italy why the heck could I not bribe anyone to get it done quicker? What has this civilization become…)

These circumstances gave me the opportunity to sit down and write more. Since I do not know a single soul here, I ve got quite the time to spend on my own; something I grew accustomed to during my stay in the Netherlands.

I was planning to further develop this poem and make it into a lil song. We already have a raw version.

Ps: I wanted to personally thank all the people that reached out to me in private after the last poem. It always warms my heart and it further motivates me to keep writing. Writing has been a remedie so if I seem somber just know that I am healing. And whilst having a website tends to feel like screaming into a void, it is beautiful to see that it sometimes carries a face.

Sending you all some love ❤

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