writing challenge: A bus ride

And I ve lost all hope again

Must have begged to find an end

And I ve lost my sleep again

Must have mistaken sheep as friend

And I ve drowned my thoughts again

Must have believed words I can’t comprehend

And I ve lost myself again

Must have missed the turn my friend

And I ve tossed flowers in graves again

Must have held on to memories I can’t amend

And I ve drowned in tears again

Must have stopped to pretend

And I ve hit the road again

Must have hoped to start an end

And I ve broken my own fucking heart again

Must have mistaken us for more than friends

And again

And again

And again

I ve had some time on a bus ride today so I thought I’d challenge myself and try to get something done during said ride. Starting with the sheep line I molded the rest of the poem around it. The idea was to keep the same rhythm to show the general repetitive nature. There could have been quite some finetuning but since I had set boundaries I wanted to abide by them.

Sometimes the further away you are from the problem the closer you feel. And this might be especially true if you miss certain people. Out of sight and constantly on my mind. On that note… sending you all some love.

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