Times Bygone, Times in Quarantine

It has been radiosilence for the last few months on our part. Whatever have Davide and Flame been up to? Well, one of them was out watching birds in a Western Yorkshire city, the other hunting bears in upstate New York.

The time abroad has in some ways inspired us more, in others has made us more tired. Right now, we’re stuck inside (there’s something going on apparently?). Due to this isolation, I have been forced to look closely at the projects I’m working on. This blog was not forgotten, but it unfortunately got pushed to the back. I’ve spent the last half-year learning to write drama and prose, and have made some progress. Other than that, I prioritized experiencing exchange, working on my Bachelor thesis, leading and participating in a creative writing workshop, having a part-time job…

Last month LëtzWrite turned one year old! I was aware of the fact, but I did not have anything to present to you at the time. But it’s better to pick up later than never. Look forward to new posts soon, hopefully.

I have mentioned long ago – occasionally I get inspiration from videogames. This comes from its affective resonance rather than a deconstructive analysis of its systems. In other words: I don’t value the emotional stability that Animal Crossing gives me, I just like fishing, catching bugs, chatting with other villagers and buying new clothes! (Even though they are the same thing.)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020) is a life simulation game where the player is sent on a deserted island with a few other animal friends. From there, you build a town! As pictured above, you eventually get a place to buy clothes, the sakura trees bloom – it’s very idyllic. And I thought the same:

Island, oh Island

An island, Oh, Island!
Unknown to the small,
Why is your presence evanescent and all?

No fires have burned on the grass that covers you,
No toxins are spread on the water that showers you,
And none have spoken of your existence…

Oh Island,
You are as irreal as fantasy,
With skies that handle the
Air as if it were pure.  

Oh Island,
Where dost you be?
Far off, like a dream,
A sunset I gleam,
And remember your imagined reality.  

Oh Island,
Why are you like clay?
I can mould you
And scold you
Times plenty a day  

Oh Island,
Why are you so small?
You exist in a vision so given to all.

It was too idyllic. But, too idyllic is what I need at the moment.

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  1. Quite the interesting read indeed, but, I must confess, it evoked in me a particular question only you can answer:
    At how much do your turnips sell?

    Liked by 1 person

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