Groenesteeg Mortician

Vincent van Gogh – Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette (1886)

Here I Lay

Tossed myself into a grave.
buried myself in disgrace.
Bedded myself with grass n tears,
reminiscing bout the yesteryears.

Withered, weltered, weeping
nourished myself bleeding.
Sow and reap hopeless seeds,
as hope ceases to cede.

-So I tossed myself into a grave.

Limb by limb, tear after tear,
til I had no flesh; nor hair.
Carved my chest open wide,
let the rain, the rust inside.

Homeless body; heartful soul.
The roots are wrapped around my bones.
No room to bloom; lover’s tomb.
-The cycle of eternal doom

I thought of someone tearing his body apart, tossing it into a grave. His plan was to cry til something would bloom.

…But as we all know, unattended graves bloom the wildest.

Pandamic really is a nice time innit.

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