A Girl and a Jester- Two Love Poems

The Girl that Once Loved

She’s an organ donor
without a spine
He tore out pieces
to wear as pride

She fills her heart
with swalloed tears
He kept on taking
(yet) another year

Wilted and watered
wishing for more
She wishes upon wasting


A poem I wrote with a perception switch in mind. I must admit that it did not really matter much which gender I chose. The message I tried to convey stays the same.

The Retold, The A-Loving

A jester has spoken many a time
With no lute or instrument in hand,
The pieces of a broken story
That happened in a foreign land

His voice cracks gently
In a reminiscent past
And the memories before ye
Won’t ever last

Drunk and fruitless,
A castaway on a shore,
The melody continues:
The jester loves nevermore…

Sometimes in poetry we like to imagine others to ourselves. Sometimes it’s the ones we want to know the most. It’s a dangerous practice, but then again, most pleasures of life are.

Flame and I tried to play around with the same ideas and create two different poems.

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