Dining with the Devil

Coldest place, hottest hell
this where thy kind dwell.
Fueled rage, fueled fear
passing yet another year.

Table set; appetite whet
dining with the threat.
Endless cycle, hopeless bet
cups overflowing with regret.

Cries of fear, empty heirs;
daily bread soaked in tears.
Fiery chest, smoky head;
a white flag blows with heavy breath

-but it beat dining alone

Feeling lonely… what a lovely feeling.
The most pristine guests often are to be found in secludedness. The naggers, the beggars, the well…you.
time tumbles over its own legs and gets tangled in the midst of our inner dialogues, forever bringing up more questions then they could potentially ever answer.
Interesting for some, very spooky for others. People often fear these dialogues so they tend to avoid them at all costs. Strong emotional appeal drives people to irrationality and further fosters a radically affectious approach to life.

In dire time the devil eats flies
just like the heart feast on lies

And this poem is partly about that and partly about other things. I wanted to give you these 2 cents to maybe think a bit different about it. You know me by now I won’t ruin all the fun: Enjoy.

Btw, I would like to apologize for not being able to upload as much as I wanted to. I recently moved to the UK for my studies and I had some personal things going on which took my mind of writing
furthermore I am still writing on a longer piece, but I really want to refine it. I wanted to release it earlier but well I was not happy with it. Not yet…. it will eventually come out and I really hope that you will like it. It is my favorite blog post so far.

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