The Sea: (Almost) a Thesis

-The metaphorical progression of the main idea is guided by the imagery you create. –

(Note to myself: look up good Mhra quoating style for self-quotes.)

I like certain metaphors that are linked to a broader semantic field. I tend to portray stylistic elements through the various stretches specific metaphors have to offer. One of the many overused and over-dramatized metaphors (the sea or water) holds a certain poetic weight. Well, to be fair credit is due where it is due; Nature has and probably always will be representative of the fascinating qualities of our everyday life. without sounding like too much of a hippy. Aight anyway, I would like to keep up with the building aspect of certain given stylistic features. Remember the opening stanza from my first post? No? Well… me neither and I wrote it so we both should feel ashamed. Either way, I will repost it here below:

Besides my terrible font choices, I would like to underline the stylistic elements I often rely on. I wanted to bring one specific element up because I do believe that actively going and challenging the boundaries you set yourself helps in any sort of image creation. For me, personally, I tend to favor poetry that evokes a certain picture or question throughout its unfolding. The metaphorical progression of the main idea is guided by the imagery you create.

I would like to use this momentum to quickly throw out some different kind of poetry I have written over the years. I tend to try and experiment with it as much as I can. While I really like the more classical approach to the dying art (more about this in any future reviews of modern “poetry” books). I tend to also dabble in aphorisms. Which, btw, is an excellent way to not use the word quote, which got belittled to Drake lyrics underneath a #tbt post on the gram.

The following “aphorism” came about after I caught some sun. (Well, let’s be transparent here: it was pseudo tanning bed light but nonetheless certainly a nice feeling when it is minus 20 outside.)

Waiting for you was like

throwing pebbles into the ocean;

Forever hoping to build a stonebridge

This was one of my very first metaphores I came up with. Year 1 material right here!

I tried to dabble early with the imagery of water and this post was just a heads-up, teaser or whatever you really wanna call it in regards to stylistic traits.

I really like the sea metaphor that is portrayed within this song and I do believe that this is partly due to personal reasons. Nevertheless, give it a listen, this guy has a phenomenal voice.

All rights reserved AnnenMayKantereit and the respective owners.

If you wanna quench your “thirst” for more abysmally bad wordplays, check out the upcoming post about one of my all-time favorite Sonett ” Deep Sleep”. It is an appreciation post about one of the aforementioned people that thought me structure within poetry. (click the link below)

PS: I did not want to draw direct paralells between aphorisms and metaphors, but I do believe that there lies great benefit within the exploration of both. (More about this in a future post maybe?)

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