Parture / You & I

As you folk probably have guessed by now; I and this website have quite some things alike. One of which is that it seems rather chaotic and all over the place. I want to have some consistency in output but I wouldn’t force myself to just produce for the sake of production. This project is still new and fresh so the enthusiasm is paralleled with the frequency, but as we all know quality always beats quantity… so without me trying to talk too damn much just take this freestyled poem I wrote with one of the worst names I could come up with.

You & I

You loved me in riddles
I loved you in rhyme
You gave me a little
I gave you my time

You left me daring
I left you scared
You stopped caring
I ended there

Well well, nothing out of the ordinary but nevertheless I tried to experiment with the beginning of the poem. I wanted to create a certain sense of juxtaposition throughout the entirety of the poem. I preferred simpler rhymes and flow for the poem. Let’s be real… sonnets take hours and hours to complete and whilst I agree that poetry is craftsmanship, I tend to believe that artistic relief shouldn’t be forced upon anyone. You should try to experiment as much as you can, write write write even if you don’t like it to the fullest extent. You can only overcome your weaknesses by challenging them. On that note, I will actually end it and not ramble on.

PS: What was that again with the not oversaturating the different posts with walls of texts? Well well…

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