Our Humble Beginnings

Oh good god, who doesn’t know the cringy yet loving feeling you get whilst looking at your very first drafts and little artistic bits and pieces you’ve written in those heartfelt moments… Well, to start this project off right I believe that we should introduce ourselves in a brutally honest manner. And what better way is there than the unfiltered truth of first poetry pieces. I would like to show you guys one of the very first pieces I have ever written. I was madly in love during that time period and I had tremendous artistic output and drive.

Poem was written by Di Ronco Davide Aldo 2016

As you can probably tell, the form of this poem was all over the place but I wanted to stick to a stricter form for simplicity’s sake. It would be easier for me to work within a rough framework at the earlier stages. (I am forever thankful for the people that had to wrestle with me to get these outlines engraved into my head.) I really enjoyed the rhythm within the first stanza and I tried to play with it more and more. The general outline was inspired by classical Shakespearean Sonnets but the iambic pentameter just fell short. Nevertheless, I would like to say that I did learn a great deal about rhyme schemes and general “planning” of a poem. Furthermore, I found part of my personal preference regarding poetic writing within the typical couplets you find at the end of these Sonnets; a tool that would mark my style.

PS: I was actually wrong this was my second ever written poetry piece but it is the oldest one I could find. I have to admit that I ve lost quite a reasonable amount of the works I did over the last 3 years. I had a weird introduction to poetry now that I am thinking of it, I just prefered the learnt structure and explore within the given boundaries.

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  1. Truly a captivating poem! It echoes a sophisticating description of a grand painting (hmmm I wonder which one?). I would be curious to know what did you feel and envisioned when you composed the poem. Great work, keep it up!

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  2. The sublime has always been a companion in regards to emotional expression. For me, personally, I find a great deal of authenticity within the many strong emotions evoked through sublime elements. I came upon some theories from Edmund Burke regarding the sublime and I fell in love with the idea of overwhelming emotions; hence the name for this poem. A poem that was initially designed to be a love poem.


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